Louisiana Personal Injury FAQS


Should I provide a statement to an insurance company without a lawyer’s help?
Will I have to go to trial to recover damages?
What is considered "pain and suffering"?
What determines the amount I might recover?
What is a typical settlement amount?

Dog Bites

A dog bit me. Whom do I tell?
Which jurisdiction covers dog bites – state or local?
What do leash laws cover?
Can posting a "Beware of Dog" sign help get me out of trouble if my dog bites someone?

Worker's Compensation

What should I do if I get injured on the job?
How can I jeopardize my benefits?
Under what circumstances could I be denied workers’ compensation benefits as a result of an on-the-job injury?
Am I barred from recovery if I was at fault?
Can I sue anyone else for a work-related injury?
What if my workers’ compensation claim is denied?
Can I receive Social Security disability and workers’ compensation?
Do I have to be injured at work to receive workers’ compensation?
What compensation will I receive?
Must I see an insurance company doctor, or can I see my own doctor?
Can I ever sue my employer in court over a work-related injury?
Is there more than one definition of "disabled"?

Auto Accidents

Can the insurance company refuse to pay my medical bills if my car was not damaged?

Products Liability

What if I know that a defective product harmed other people besides me?

Premises Liability

I fell and was injured. Can I sue someone?